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Jan 24, - The developer of Yandere Simulator, a game about a sociopathic high school girls, but in the company of the 34 other games Twitch has banned (plus all Adults-Only titles), like Suck My Dick or Die! and The At E3, he walked up to the Twitch booth to interrogate reps in person, but "not a single person.

Banned - List of Games You Can't Play on Twitch

You are now an idiot, now go ahead and ban Se 5 mkay? Who do you think you are, making a video game as offensive as this?

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If you want Twitch to like your game, you are going to have to change the whole theme. First, you misspelled my name.

Second, I am not saying it is offensive to women even though it isI am saying it is offensive to Japanese people. Third, why would I even play the game?! Yandere comes from Japan. Something that van form Japan is offensive to Japanese people. Twitch thinks that GTA 5 and other equally inappropriate things are totally fine.

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Pretentious morons like you deserve to be booted out of gaming. Plus, holiday sex games that Marie, a bisexual, female feminist who uses Tumblr AKA Triggerpolis is not offended, then you are there to ask for troubles. Your dear website Twitch is a parasite riddled with neo-nazism, racism and sexism.

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Lets sign the petition cause we want it back! We need supporters. YandereSim Dont ban YandereSim.: I made twitxh post elsewhere, under a different name, and no one has had the courage to challenge me on it yet. How about Until Dawn?

Yanderd of the content or whether the dev or Twitch is twitch yandere simulator ban but not sex games, it'd be nice if Twitch sex games hindi movie some sort of statement gxmes public, just contact the twitch yandere simulator ban but not sex games and tell him yanddere the game's on the list.

Policy obscurity is an issue. Jun 11, 3, 0 0 London madebyluke. So this is a game with violence, torture, upskirt photos and nudity, set in a school and people can't understand why it's banned on twitch?

Sure, GTA has killing and torture, but that is not the main mechanic of the game. Same for South Park. The author is just too butt hurt to step back and look at his game as someone new to it, like I was.

If the twitch moderation team got a glance of it as I did, no wonder they banned it. This has been discussed in multiple threads. The students aren't children. If I recall correctly they're You still dismember people sometimes in GoW. Not just fantasy creatures.

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You're punching them to death while twitch yandere simulator ban but not sex games camera is in your face about it.

There are games where people have intercourse which is not what I want but it's there. Sengan Kagura does a lot of the same thing. So do other games. You can spin things any way you want them to. But the other side can still be spun. Fact is, like it or not the developer wants answers. He doesn't want assumptions that many have given and are still giving.

Just answers from Twitch themselves. He deserves that at least.

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Alandrus Banned Jan 24, Jun 30, 81 0 0. I'm not a huge fan of these anime titles. But I felt his concerns over the ban is warranted. I'm starting to wonder if his best luck is just to rename the title from Yandere Twitch yandere simulator ban but not sex games to something else like Obsession Prank Gone too Far! Sorry, too much YouTube today. But a new title that also encapsulates the game. His concerns over the ban is warranted. I felt like one of the most logical reasons for the ban was someone banned it and left the company.

I don't think it was money considering they have Battleborn is there and ain't no body playing that game. There are plenty of adult game free download blog will single bban viewers on Twitch listed games. For simulatlr, the guy seems flexible to make the game gamed "safe" as he can make any of the 3d sex games real. If Twitch actually spoke to him, this would've been resolved.

He seems very willing twitch yandere simulator ban but not sex games add more clouds or a towel to conceal nudity, to sex games palm job textures, and whatever else to get his game to stream.

I wish him the best of luck. Skinpop Member Jan 24, Dec 17, 4, 0 0 In a basement. Budi Member Jan 24, Apr 3, 4, 1 Finland. MartyStu Member Jan 24, Feb 16, 7, 0 0. Yandere Simulator is super tongue in cheek and campy as hell. The fact that you can do everything you can isn't really an issue.

The game is bananas anime and over the top. The whole SJW thing was really cringey though and super embarrassing. Way to take a valid complaint and critique and just nuke all credibility in an instant. Yandee 15, 21, 0 0. While his "THOSE people" segment is fucked and hurt his whole argument, I do hope they at least tell him why they banned his game from twitch. Socialization and civilization may be recent developments for humanity on geological timescales, but at this point we're genuninely biologically social animals and not great lizards with masks.

But yes, social skills aren't present at birth, and children do grow into it. But we're biologically wired up for empathy, guilt, and so forth.

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So you think every child that ever gleefully stomped yanderw spider or poked a dog in twitch yandere simulator ban but not sex games eye but then as sex games sex story adult catches that spider in a simuulator and releases them outside; and is careful to be gentle to pets I don't even know what to tell you, that's sad. Maybe that's true for some, but a lot of those adults genuinely don't have any urge to kill the spider or hurt the dog.

They aren't "hiding that interest", they've outgrown it, and they have no need for it. I agree that socialisation is a survival trait - we work together because we survive better that way. I would call it "enlightened self-interest".

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However, we never stopped being self-interested just because we are enlightened. I've worked gut office politics to know that some of teitch peers would do anything to get ahead, as long as they won't get caught.

I think that inner selfish part of humanity will never go away; whether it's greed or prurient interest or a small degree of psychopathy it's all part of our nature. As you say, it's not the entire true-self but it's part of it. The masks we wear are part of the social lubricant that allow us to temporarily ignore that those parts of us exist and work together yzndere much for the same reasons that we don't tell everybody around us what our bedroom antics twitch yandere simulator ban but not sex games.

As you say, we are social sex games sxs I agree. But that doesn't stop us from having a darker side.

Most of the games Twitch has banned due to adult content, with many of the titles It's not hard to see why Twitch blocked games like these, and there's plenty more As we've previously mentioned, Yandere Simulator has made the list as well. for both avid sex simulators and adult content creators alike, forcing Twitch to.

We're wired for empathy, guilt, hatred, love, compassion, violence, greed, jealousy, ennui: But societally we encourage the good and try to downplay twitch yandere simulator ban but not sex games bad. And we get all so bent out of shape when children behave violently, angrily, sexually, perversely No, that's not what I think, and that's also not what I said.

What I said is that we get better at hiding our interest in those things as adults, even if we never do it or even want to do it. Certainly, there are some people who are psychopathic who would take great fascination, even as adults, in disassembling a spider or a dog, but not most of us. But how many people have looked at a graphic website showing traffic accident victims our of morbid curiosity? Or flushed from the twist adult game download mediafire a lurid description of a sexual assault?

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Or taken guilty satisfaction at bad things happening to people they hate? I'll wager lots of people. Though they may not control us, those emotions twitch yandere simulator ban but not sex games exist and we are very strongly socialised to hide them. I don't think we really disagree on anything after all.

I do fully agree that normal healthy people have passing morbid curiosities and guilty pleasures; and I do agree free 3d adult game scam we get better at hiding them. And I think we would agree that those people aren't "twisted sick monsters" who just got "good at hiding it".

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They are normal healthy adults indulging a passing morbid whim. And I see that as an important distinction. I think where we differ is what we consider 'monstrous'. It ultimately boils down to the approbation that we apply to others who let their emotional facades slip. We're all thinking bbw sex games pc, but say nothing - the one who does say something gets piled on by the eager masses yandrre to show how much they aren't a member of the supposed out-group.

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Perhaps that is the true horror twitch yandere simulator ban but not sex games humans: So play hitman, Tenns tanns go sex games any of a dozen stealth gameplay titles that are better than hitman if that's the appeal. I really doubt you'd drained the game well so dry that this is all that's left to get a fix of stealth action is a pre-release unfinished alpha quality game like this.

My simluator video games of all time include doom and binding of isaac. My favorite movie villain is probably Pinhead. I named my soylent account in part for a race of green tentacled monsters whose most in famous character was a sexual deviant who liked humans My favorite tabletop rpg was probably call of cthulu.

I'm a real puritan. Did you ask her why she wanted to play it? What the appeal was? What elements she liked? - Wikipedia

Did you ask her to consider what the game was about? Turned out what twitch yandere simulator ban but not sex games wanted was easily found in other, better, finished titles. Because she's growing up and is curious about the world? I mean, if she expressed an interested in the roman era and via some random youtube personality had heard of caligula.? And some tame clip was all she knew yanderre the movie?

I'd suggest watching gladiator. What, with their stupid censorship laws, or their simulatro other backwards views towards sex? Is Japan really significantly better?

The 32 Ridiculously NSFW BANNED Games of Twitch

Do they not have anti-public nudity laws, censorship 'for the children', and other such things? Yeah, Yahweh turned into a real horror after Mrs. Yahweh "his Twitch yandere simulator ban but not sex games as the tablets say divorced him. Twitch yandere simulator ban but not sex games disappeared for a good years, then raped some poor Jewish girl, killed the kid, and now is threatening to burn alive, for eternity, anyone who doesn't kiss twitch yandere simulator ban but not sex games ineffable ass.

He needs a session with a good domme. I would recommend Isis so as not to scare him off before moving onto someone like Sekhmet.

I think you're being narrow-minded. There are people who derive sexual pleasure from torture and pain good free online sex games giving and receivingsome especially so with schoolchildren.

Milkmania sex games would you wish to deny these people satisfaction in a video game?

The political leveraging of ones sex life or other pleasures against the citizenry via public shame requires the manufacture of taboo. After all, if you're a kinkster openly then it can't be used to blackmail you very well. Hence, the "undesirable" comes into existence. Simply because religious institutions first tapped into the method of control does not mean they are the continued source. In fact, in the atheistic soviet regimes the same exact methodology was used, and they even created their own "sin" -- not agreeing with the party politics AKA atheistic heresy.

While twitfh remain distracted by your assumption you virtual reality sex games pc take a swing and miss at the religious establishment and remain unable to attack the true source of your woes, for you refuse to see them. This is probably some of the best yandete the developer could hope for.

I for one had not heard of this game until now. I like fruit baskets because it gives you the ability to mail someone a piece of fruit without appearing insane. Like, if someone just mailed you an apple simualtor be like, 'huh? What the hell is this? Stories Slash Boxes Comments.

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Bug List Dev Server. SoylentNews takyon banned the streaming a game significant following on YouTube a story other titles cocks can happen at any moment Rules of Conduct Hitman 3: It is currently unclear why the game is banned when raunchier titles like Grand Theft Auto V are safe to stream: This discussion has been archived.

No new comments can be posted. The nkt comments are owned by whoever posted them. We are not responsible for them in any way. Coralina Ada Ehmke, is that you? Did you send a threat-letter to twitch?

I always assumed this was the reasoning behind the creation of Hitbox. That is nof very apt description of the issue. Whereas adult game night snack ideas that god is talking to you would be a delusion. I've probably said a couple dozen wrong things in twitch yandere simulator ban but not sex games past day, and I try really nit not to.

You said we should try to avoid believing twitch yandere simulator ban but not sex games merely because that's what yanere were told. Only Americans could ask Score: I Get It, Sort of I guess watching other people play video games is more interesting than most TV these days.

Maybe I'm just missing the point.

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I'm not trolling here, just a little confused. I mean, I've watched a few youtube videos of games, but that's because they fall into at least one of a couple different categories: I guess there's a lot more to this than I thought.

Thank you kindly, sir. All times are GMT The time now is Video Games For all of your gaming needs! From console gaming to Let's Plays, this area encompasses swx things relevant to gaming and gamers.

Page 1 of 2. At first glance, it may be 'obvious' to many as to why his game would be deemed inappropriate if you haven't heard of No Sim, the premise of it is you're this crazy girl with a crush on her "senpai", and the objective is to remove any other girls in his life that try to make a move on himbut he simuoator it down with various other jap sex games in his video, combing through Twitch's policies, and saying that his game, by their yanedre written rules, does not violate their terms any more than many of the other sex games: vegas episode allowed on their platform.

Aside from demanding a response from Twitch and just hoping to talk with them on their issue with his game, the take home message of his video is that it's very easy for Twitch to shut down small games and devs without clearly communicating what they don't like about it, so even if you don't care about Yandere Sim, you should care if you're a fan or even a developer of indie games like it.

What do you think about his situation? Do you think Twitch is right to ban this game, or do you see the double adult game chloe he mentions - that it's okay for AAA games to feature nudity and violence, but smaller games with gams themes will be banned without question?

Should they nit least give him a formal explanation and twitch yandere simulator ban but not sex games through any issues they have with his game he has expressed that he's more than willing to se elements of his game if it would help him get unbanned, as long as it's not a crucial featureor do twitch yandere simulator ban but not sex games not owe this kind of response to anyone?


sex simulator twitch not ban yandere games but

Send a private message to Juno. Find all posts by Juno. Find threads started by Juno. Ignore Posts by Juno. Send a private message to yrmrku. Find all posts by yrmrku. Find threads started by yrmrku. Ignore Posts by yrmrku. In the yames Age: Send a private message to Arsenic.

Yandere Simulator dev on Twitch lack of oversight on bans.

Find all posts by Arsenic. Find threads started by Arsenic. Ignore Posts by Arsenic. Originally Posted by Arsenic I mean Sister brother sex games would immediately ban it just on the principle the game is fully about assassinating minors.

Originally Posted by yrmrku I haven't watched the video and will watch it bqn, but in regards to if Twitch has the right to ban games and not give responses, the answer is yes.

yandere simulator not games twitch ban but sex

Originally Posted by Arsenic That's of course just my opinion. Send a private message to Aeroblast. Find all posts by Aeroblast. Find threads started by Aeroblast.

Ignore Posts by Intense sex games. Send a private message to Aisu. Find all posts by Aisu.

ban games twitch sex yandere simulator but not

Find threads started by Aisu. Ignore Posts by Aisu. Maybe people should look into an alternative free sex games for htc desire service?

Personally i hate twitch due to how often certain streams are down for me and due to the long chat delay. Where do these games exist? Who makes this shit. I also think they meant battle raper and not rape. The torture scene is definitely not satire. Becausd these things are generally good for both me and those around me. Simarly, twitch does slmulator have to explain why they are banning twitch yandere simulator ban but not sex games game, but they should.

The developer specifically said in his video that he would rather not have a lot of people emailing them about it. Since that might cause Twitch to deliberately not unban the game. It's about being a zx spectrum fantasy an adult game anime cliche, I don't know why everyone seems to think its a porn game. If all this outrage is seriously over the panty shots mechanic that twitch yandere simulator ban but not sex games clearly meant to be silly this is fucking ridiculous.

I always assumed it was banned because of the anti-bullying obsession. The idea of people finding the content too sexual is laughable. As a business they should be able ban as they please, as long as higher laws aren't broken, without justification. That's not to say there won't be consequences if they do things willy nilly, users can dg sex games a site. If you were around when GTAV first came out, they had guidelines for the siumlator club.

Specifically, I remember Lirik having to get clarification from a Gut admin, who basically said he and streamers in general was allowed to go into the strip club but couldn't make it the entire stream.

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Twitch can dictate whatever dark magician sex games they want and it's up twitch yandere simulator ban but not sex games people to agree to them or not. There are other streaming services out there.

From Twitch's perspective it's better this way. If you don't like it go somewhere else. Twitch isn't some right you have. If you have followed "twitch drama" and what not for a while you'd realize twitch has become very PC to the point where anything can get you banned, unless you're female or a big streamer.

Female streamers get a lot leeway in a lot of cases. Some women can literally show their genitals or regularly stream with focus on their sex-appeal without getting a perma-ban or even temporary ban despite it being heavily against their TOS.

A female streamer that was previously banned even made a new account, ban evasion is strictly against TOS, and got partnered That's not twitcb say males don't get away easy as well, but then its gan blatantly cuz his stream is too big to ban or he has special connections.

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For example a big streamer ggames up doxxed a donator with malicious intent, which is an instant perma-ban according to TOS, simualtor only got away with a 48h ban after an initial community backlash. This is not even touching upon the many other contradicting cases with twitch and their TOS. So he's not necessarily wrong in having SJW influence as a twitch yandere simulator ban but not sex games cause for a ban as twitch seem to wary sex games on pateron lot depending on the person handling a case and the lack of respect towards their own TOS.

Twitch yandere simulator ban but not sex games, definitely a move from higher up. Nintendo and Disney do this all the time for various reasons. They would probably even take all the R34 content off the net hwitch the Internet could be bought. I cant say i blame him for that, he constantly gets attacked and slandered by "those people".

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Well, he doesn't want to misrepresent his game in his twitch yandere simulator ban but not sex games to action. I think this is correct. I, and other people, would probably take issue with him acting like it's this innocent dating game, when it twisted fate game adult game in fact a fairly creepy game with fairly creepy content. But, 'creepy games' are allowed on twitch all the time, and no yanndere of the content is in itself banworthy.

But you know what? That's not even the point. Let's say the game is abjectly horrible.

Developer on Twitch's Continued Ban of His Game, Yandere Simulator (And Why G |

Twitch should still say what is horrible about this game when banning it. At the very least, they should respond to a developer reaching out with legitimate questions. It's not unduly difficult - there are not very many games on the simu,ator list, they can bother to justify them without any undue stress or strain.

I think his point is twitch yandere simulator ban but not sex games advanced by not pretending his game is something it isn't; the backlash would obscure the real issue.

I wonder why Ladykiller in a Bind is not banned. Wasn't that the first uncensored "adult game" on Steam? If you downloadable free sex games get some friends to play with you it's a good time. It does have functioning online as well.

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We the customers shouldn't let them ban games just because they feel like twotch without justification. This goes two ways - I'd like to know why isn't ZOG twitch yandere simulator ban but not sex games or any other game that directly support white suprimacy on the ban list? Dose Twitch even have a policy regarding games that contain hate speech? Game was made by a progressive transexual so the rules don't apply to them otherwise you're a racist homophobic bigot nazi republican.

yandere not but twitch ban games simulator sex

I'd vehemently oppose a company arbitrarily banning a game, but I'd support their ability to ban a game with the same breath.

News:Sep 18, - Even if it means jousting no [ ] There's a lot of controversy as to why certain games are banned, 1) The official ESRB rating is set to "Adults Only, and 2) The game in question is seen to violate community standards. If the title centers around gratuitous sexual violence, you can bet Yandere Simulator.

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